Slim-Line 38 Avanced Tool-Free Holder System for SMT Printing

SKU: MP1-L300W38T10-B-E-R6A
Please specify the exact length (in mm) you like to receive.
Normal Blade Thickness is 10mils. For finer printing, very thin stencils, better wiping (but slightly less durable) change to 8mils thick blade can improve these situations.
Slim-Line 38 is an innovative holder design that has no clamp bar, and does not require tools to change squeegee blades.  The design incorporates powerful magnets to secure the body of the blade, and sleek locks to fix the blade to the holder.   This holder is ergonomic and intuitive and gives the user a slick and clean shape for easy maintanance.  Blade changes take less than 1 minute.  This holder also incorporates Soft-Touch Paste Retainers which are easily removable.