SMT Squeegee Blade For Panasonic SMT Printer

SKU: OPA1-L200W40T10-E
Normally our holders use flat Permalex blades, and hold them at 60 degrees with respect to the Stencil. If you like a different angle, specify the angle, and we will put a bend in the blade to achieve the net angle you specify. For example, if you put 45, then we add a 15 degree angle facing backwards - which gives a net angle of 45 degrees between the blade and stencil.
If you desire a specific length that is not on our dropdown menu, choose the nearest length (greater) than your desired length, then enter the mm length you desire.
Normally our holders use a 1.25inch (31.75mm) wide blade. If you like to have a different blade width, you may enter it and we will modify the blade accordingly.
Long Life Permalex Edge Metal Squeegee, 40mm wide fits Panasonic SMT Printers