fits DEK ASM All Printer Models

SKU: DE1-L203W32T10-B-E
If you desire a specific length that is not on our dropdown menu, choose the nearest length (greater) than your desired length, then enter the mm length you desire.
Normally our holders use a 1.25inch (31.75mm) wide blade. If you like to have a different blade width, you may enter it and we will modify the blade accordingly.
Normally our holders use flat Permalex blades, and hold them at 60 degrees with respect to the Stencil. If you like a different angle, specify the angle, and we will put a bend in the blade to achieve the net angle you specify. For example, if you put 45, then we add a 15 degree angle facing backwards - which gives a net angle of 45 degrees between the blade and stencil.
Normally our Permalex Coating is applied to the Tip of the squeegee. This gives the maximum fatigue resistance. However, if you like to have the Permalex on the whole blade - you may select this option. * Note: the life of the blade may be shorter with this option due to increased embrittlement at the bend region.
Advance your SMT Quality with this Permalex Universal Holder and Blade Assembly which includes "Soft-Touch" Paste Retainers.